Monday, October 11, 2010

(per Thomas's request)

  • I'll be graduating in May with a BA in Classical Languages and History.
  • Those in the Classics Department like to pretend that it offers degrees that are useful for careers not in law and academia, but most know this is generally false.
  • I'm not seriously considering a real job right now.
  • I am considering graduate school, law school, and any other opportunities that may allow me to avoid a real job.
  • I'm going to take the LSAT in December. If I go the law school route, I'd just want to go to OU or OCU. I'm the least excited about this. I actually don't even know if I'd want to do this. But it's an option.
  • I applied for an apprenticeship at Polyface Farm in Virginia. The farm is well-known because it's owned and operated by Joel Salatin, an organic farming pioneer with a big personality who has been featured in Michael Pollan's writing and in the documentary, Food, Inc. The apprenticeship begins next October and lasts for a year. I think it would be a nice break and it interests me a great deal, but they received a lot of applications and I'm not getting my hopes up. I should hear back from them soon.
  • Another option is graduate school, and this is what I'm most interested in. Generally speaking, I'd like to study the history of Christianity in late antiquity and the early medieval period and focus on the patristic literature. So I've been looking into history and historical theology programs.
  • I'm also looking into Classics programs. An MA in Classics would be a great background for doing doctoral work in early Christianity.
  • I'm also looking at post-baccalaureate programs in Classics. Places like Georgetown have year-long programs where you can brush up on languages and improve your CV for grad school applications. The upside: it's not that competitive. The downside: there's no financial aid.
  • I've narrowed my list down to a manageable number of schools, but I'm waiting to take the GRE before I make my next move. My scores will determine what looks possible and what doesn't.
  • I've been revising my writing sample and with a little more work, it should be in good shape for applications. I have recommendations secured. My GPA is fine. For good or ill, the GRE will be over and done with on Thursday. I'll make final decisions about schools after that. The main thing I need to work on is my statement of purpose, and then re-write it for every school I apply to. And then hound professors to get recommendation letters in on time.


DrLeoMarvin said...

Do better than I did. Plz.

katietracy. said...

I talk to you (almost) everyday but I'm still glad to have all these things written out and I feel like I just know you better in the last five minutes. I didn't know about Polyface.

Thomas said...

Thanks for this. Wanna start a farm Wendell Berry style somewhere near Norman? I am almost not joking.

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