Friday, December 10, 2010

Sometimes I’m dazzled by how modern and fabulous we are, and how easy everything can be for us; that’s the gilded glow of technology, and I marvel at it all the time. And then my mom will call, and in the course of the conversation she’ll say something disjointed that disturbs me and reminds me of her frailty, and then she’ll mention that it’s snowing hard in Ohio and I’ll wonder how she’s going to get to the grocery store, and I look at my gadgets and gizmos, and I realize none of them will help me. If anything, they’ve filled me with the unreal idea that everything is possible; that virtual is actual; that you can delete things you don’t like; that you can find and have whatever it is you want whenever you want it; but instead I’m learning that the truest, immutable facts of life are a lot harder and slower and sometimes sadder, and always mystifying.
 From this post by Susan Orlean.


Lindsey said...

that's why we should never move away

Dutch said...

this is why we should buy our parents' homes in the south of France, give everybody nice sweaters, and teach them how to dance (per Ingrid Michaelson)

Laura said...

it's shocking how much technology has affected every facet of our lives.

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