Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I should be writing my research paper about Donatist martyrologies, but I am not. I am at Cafe Plaid getting a caffeine buzz from the coffee and thinking about what life will be like once I have stopped procrastinating and finally finish my paper and finals.

Ephemeral thoughts:

  • I have avoided the library almost completely this week except for the times when I'm working. It's about as loud as the cafeteria, and the only people who aren't talking are the ones asleep on the couches. It's problematic that people show up at the library during finals week who haven't 1) studied all semester, and 2) been to the library before. They have no sense of library etiquette. The least they could do is not leave pizza boxes on tables and avoid talking loudly. This is apparently too much to ask.
  • I read in Harper's that students who were exposed to the letter A while taking an exam did much better than students who were exposed to the letter F. 
  • The airplane was invented by America. And apokatastasis means nothing to me.
  • I'm looking forward to going to Summer Conference this weekend. As long as I don't accidentally wander into a TULIP lecture, things will be good. The beach seems a preferable way to cap off finals week. Though if I forget to wear sunscreen for any period of time, it's guaranteed that my skin color will quickly resemble that of a lobster's and have the texture of bubble wrap. Maybe I should wear a burkini
  • My brother is coming home for the summer today. My sister, brother-in-law, and soon-to-be-born-nephew will be moving back to Norman in July. A lot of friends are in Norman for the summer. It's going to be good. 


schupack said...

can I count for one of the people here over the summer?

and hey, you know what apokatastasis

Kyle said...

Indeed. That Gregory of Nyssa guy. Man, what a guy.

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