Thursday, December 3, 2009

I wonder if I will measure my life in any other way than by the academic year. It seems to be ingrained in my thought-life at this point. And finally being an undergraduate student feels normal to me now that I'm a junior. I don't know any other way to enjoy the first weeks of December than by staying up late studying and worrying about final exams.

Tonight, I took a break from my near-daily cocktail of Latin, Greek, and French to step outside. It's been so cold here in Norman lately. The temperature went below freezing for the first time this season last week, I think, and these last few days have been especially cold. The temperature as I write this is at 25 degrees. I didn't see the moon in the sky, but on the western edge of Norman that I call home I can see lights flickering in the distance from houses and streets and barns. It's exceptionally calm and clear, which feels strange compared to the unyielding winds of this afternoon. The chill, after forcing its way in, has finally come to a rest over the city and fields and brought everything to a quiet stillness.

And all of these are gifts: to spend these years of my life learning languages, reading, writing, and going to class, to make friends, good friends, and to have good conversations, and even to step outside just long enough to feel the cold and see the stars, and then come inside and climb under heavy blankets.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, Who hast made them all.


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