Thursday, October 29, 2009

For God’s sake, be done
with this jabber of “a better world.”
What blasphemy! No “futuristic”
twit or child thereof ever
in embodied light will see
a better world than this, though they
foretell inevitably a worse.
Do something! Go cut the weeds
beside the oblivious road. Pick up
the cans and bottles, old tires,
and dead predictions. No future
can be stuffed into this presence
except by being dead. The day is
clear and bright, and overhead
the sun not yet half finished
with his daily praise.
Wendell Berry, "The Future" from Given.


claire said...

I like Mr. Berry. He is quite good.

Kyle said...

There is little I have read of his that I haven't enjoyed, the poems, the essays, the short stories, and the novels. His Mad Farmer poems are in a similar vein to this one, and you might enjoy them too - particularly "The Mad Farmer Liberation Front."

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